Route of the Castles of Gaià

Route of the Castles of Gaià invites you to discover almost ancient old buildings through the natural boundary that marked the river Gaià in times of the Spanish March.
Castles and towers, in various states of preservation, remain hidden to the traveler resisting the passage of time and constantly remembering the past of these lands.
It is a rediscovery of medieval times and the nature straddling the regions of the Conca de Barbera, Alt Camp and the Costa Dorada.In Catalonia is the largest number of strengths combined in one region: Castell de BIure, Castell de Guialmons, Castell de Les Piles, Castell de Sta.Coloma de Queralt, Castell d’ Aguiló, Castell de Montclar, Castell de Pontils, Castell de Vallespinosa, Castell de Sta. Perpètua,Castell de Queralt, Castell de l’Albà, Castell de Selma,Castell de Ramonet, Castell de Selmella, Castell de Rocamora, Castell de Saburella, Castell de Pinyana, Castell de Montagut, Castell de Rodonyà, Castell de Querol, Torre del moro de Montferri, Castell de Vila-Rodona, Castell de Vilardida o de Cal Tudó, Castell d’Altafulla, Castell de El Catllar, Castell de Montoliu, Castell de Tamarit, Castell de Vespella del Gaià.

The Castles Route Gaià, old buildings ancient, natural border river Gaià, Marca Hispanica, strategic distribution strengths, key territorial defense.