Towns next to El Clos


Towns next to El Clos

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The village of Conesa, recently declared Heritage of Cultural Interest is an historical site of great beauty that is manifested in its Gothic-Style church of Romanic, the historic city walls, streets, squares and many places filled charm.



Montblanc was declared Artistic and Historical Monuments in 1947, is the capital of the Conca de Barbera, located near the mountains of Prades and the monastery of Poblet.



Is one of the municipalities in medieval routes, and Cistercian of the Vall del Corb. It has an altitude of 648 m.

It is located at the northern end of the county.



Will follow the story through a troubadour who arrived 600 years ago, and discovered the medieval village.

Vallfogona de Riucorb

Vallfogona del Riucorb

It is located near the river Corb. It has a medieval old town atmosphere, with many evocative places, especially the Plaza Mayor



Forés is one of the municipalities that make up the routes and the Cistercian Medieval. Situated on top of a mountain of 864 m., Overlooking the fertile valley of the Conca de Barbera and can see the sea, the Pyrenees, Montserrat.


Barberà de la Conca

Is one of the municipalities in the Cistercian routes, dels Cellers and Templar, of Roman origin, has been named the region La Conca de Barbera. The first time Barbera name appears in the year 945.



Sarral hometown as attested prehistoric remains have been found at the villa. Is famous for its alabaster workshops, wine and cava, which can be purchased at the wineries and taste found in the modernist Cooperative.


Rocafort de Queralt

It is one of the municipalities that make up the routes dels Cellers Modernists and the Cistercian.Not sure the origin of the village before the Reconquista, but that during the year 1178 mentions the castle.

Les piles de gaia

Les Piles de Gaià

Land of Templars and Cistercians. It is one of the municipalities that make up the castle trails and the Cistercian Gaià. It is situated in the northeastern part of the county.



A historic event occurred in the seventeenth century, relates the famous character of the second part of Don Quixote, Roque Guinart, with Barbera hospital.

Biure del Gaia

Biure del Gaià

Land of Templars and Cistercians.The road leading to the hermitage of Sant Miquel, located on the mountain of Sant Miquel de Montclar, leaves from Biure.

Santa Coloma de Queralt

Santa Coloma de Queralt

Its origin lies in the primitive church dedicated to Santa Coloma de Queraltattached to the castle..

savalla de comtat

Savallà del Comtat

Is one of the municipalities that make up the routes dels castles, medieval Cistercian.Located in the northern part of the county, contact the highlands of Segarra, on the slopes of a hill crowned by its top the remains of the castle.



People stuck on a huge rock rising to heaven, its scenic beauty impresses by its height and location. Paradise for climbers.


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