Route Barbera de la Conca

Route Barbera de la Conca, Is one of the municipalities in the Cistercian routes, dels Cellers and Templar, of Roman origin, has been named the region La Conca de Barbera.

The first time Barbera name appears in the year 945. In the twelfth century castle Barberà hosted a convent of the Order of the Temple.

In the mid-nineteenth century, farmers met a brilliant period in the economy, which disappeared after a few years under a deep crisis caused by the appearance of edge-Chera.

This was one of the reasons why poorer peasants tried to save himself from falling through the association.

In this spirit, Barbera was founded in 1894, “Society of Agricultural Workers of the People of Barbera,” known as “The Company”.

This was the beginning of the agricultural cooperatives in the province of Tarragona.

Years later, landlords and owners of small town founded another cooperative known as “The Union”.

This village was divided into rich and poor, as belonging to one or another bank.

Until after the Civil War there was the unification of the two cooperatives. Currently, the cooperative Barbera is integrated within the “Catalan Cooperative Society of Wine Barbera.”

We recommend a visit to this exciting journey through the history, besides being reference point Route Templars, Medieval route, Route Wineries Modernist.