Biure of Gaia

Earth Templar and Cistercians. From Biure leaves the forest track that leads to the hermitage of Sant Miquel, situated in the mountain Sant Miquel de Montclar. “There are well-structured mountains, built like a block of stone is carved a beautiful way. Sant Miquel de Montclar, the highest mountain and relevant Alto Gaia, is so.

Emerge behind the fields, lady and mistress of all the lands that surround it. It is like a ship leaving port to go into the sea, lowering the Gaia with no other choice than the narrow river port that has drawn. Gone are the towns of Biure and Les Piles, the town of Santa Coloma de Queralt and higher Aguiló.

Says goodbye to colomina clota, painted dark green forests and small color cracker crust people, toasted wheat and barley, ready to harvest mosaic.

In its North side puts us, looking westward facing the Strait of Deogracies, which divides the watersheds of Gaia i Francoli rivers, where the dividing point between the Conca de Barbera strict and Lower Segarra is. Climbing the narrow north, only cereal grown. Down the narrow, to Vallverd, and Rocafort de Queralt, vineyards spots put a lighter green.

Farther west a higher plateaus settle with the people of Conesa and Savallà of Comptat. To the east the territory is altered, rises, stir, like the waves that causes Montclar ship in port departure.

Between waves small plains elongated about to reap the harvest are configured. The bigger the Strait going to Vallespinosa Valls, Pontils and beyond the valley of Sant Magi of Brufaganya.

It is a pleasure to see dancing spikes waving at the mercy of air. The whole territory of lift seems attracted to the mountains of Queralt and Miralles and further back towards Montserrat.

It’s like a Pregaria the whole territory, like an open hand stretching, leaving the trail of force plying on earth. Everything is a path to the serrated mountain. The Montclar is the same kind of rock outcropping conglomerate everywhere makes little thin and poor land there is.

But here the angels not sawed and the top is a careening outlandish long without needles La Conca, strict, slowly fades into the horizon, defined, accurate, sheltered by the Sierra de Prades.

Al Sur kind of narrow funnel is configured and retuerze. Although the Montclar millennia doubt leave port, knows for sure that there is no other way out. Ancosa saw, Formigosa and Montagut, the shipyards are lifted. Saburella, with their little gritty and enigmatic towers, is the lighthouse, the guide who sleeps on the valley of Gaia.

Vallespinosa clear and strong stone hides playful, fresh and cheerful, like a squirrel in the woods, like a child playing perenmemente. Only showing houses of Les Eres, a plain crossroads.

To the South-East continue conglomerate mountains to the Cugulló Goat, drawing slightly sloping heights, where no glimpse of land can not stand. Crossing to the Camp, towards the Conca, in this beautiful Baixa Segarra, low latitude because not altitude.