Les Piles of Gaià

Les Piles of Gaià by one of the municipalities that make up routes Castles of Gaia and Cistercian. It is situated in the northeastern part of the region 5 km from Conesa. It has an altitude of 676 m. and a census population of 150 inhabitants.

It is bordered on the slopes of the hill Montclar within the mountain range that separates the valleys of Gaia and rivers Vallverd and Anguera. It is in this area where there is the highest altitudes. The southwest sector is limited by the Sierra del Clot and the Bassanblanc, while the northern sector it is in the mountains of Codony.

The term is drained by several streams: the ditch Coma, the torrent of Falps, ditch the Piles, Guialmons ditch, ravine de l’Argila and Llençolot ditch.

There are also numerous sources such as Biure, the Channel, to Falps, those of Llorac, the Batteries, Freda source …

The municipality consists of aggregates Biure, Guialmons, Sant Gallard and Figueroleta or Figuerola. The name of the population is of Arab origin as the name “river passage”.

His castle is part of “The Route of the Castles of Gaia“.
The Gaia river was the natural border of great significance in the “MARCA HISPANIC” was a political-military border of the Carolingian Empire in the southern side of the Pyrenees.

After the Muslim conquest of the Iberian peninsula, this territory was dominated by military garrisons established in places like Barcelona, ​​Girona and Lleida.

The territory gained Muslims was configured as the Spanish March, composed of dependent counties Carolingian monarchs. Of these the one who achieved greater prominence was the county of Barcelona.

The spot, which was part of the brand of Barcelona, ​​was conquered by the end of sX, and early eleventh century was composed Montclar Castle belonging to Salla Santa Perpetua.

His son Guillem sold it in 1030 to Arnau Guilla Odo and his wife, and three years later he alienated Bernat Siniogfred of Gurb, which probably ends Biure new castles and Les Piles, as are documented in the year 1057.

After a few years in the year 1072, Oliver Bernat Bernat Siniogfred son and his wife Agnès sell all Montclar castles, les Piles and Biure to Barcelona Count Ramon Berenguer I, which, five days later, the pound faith in exchange for their loyalty.

In 1148, Arnau de Biure, grandson of Oliver Bernat, paid tribute to the castles of Biure, Montclar and Les Piles, the Count-King Alfonso.

In the following year, Guerau Jorba and his wife will leave on Saurina Castle Les Piles Geralda his daughter, married to Pere Puigverd, and so this place was going to Puigverd.

In 1234, for sale, becomes the property of Dalmau of Timor. In the fourteenth century passes Francesca Timor Savallá lady, married in first nuptials with Berenguer Boixadors and in second with Gombau of Anglesola.

The heir, Bernat Boixadors, in 1380, bought the infant Joan grouper and mixed empire of Les Piles. The Boixadors after Savallá counts of dominant place until the expiry of the manors.

The village is crossed from start to finish down Main Street makes axis and which converge almost every street of the town. It is formed around the castle, which many restorations and additions is located on a small hill next to the population.

The church is dedicated to St. Martin, is a neoclassical style and built in the eighteenth century, probably on the site of the old Romanesque church.

In the southern part of the population, atop a small hill is the chapel, dedicated to Santa Eugenia, patroness of the population.