Santa Coloma de Queralt

Its origin lies in the primitive church dedicated to Santa Coloma de Queralt attached to the castle.
A building that is already documented in 976 Between the thirteenth and in 1492 had a large Jewish community that his typology is reflected even in some streets.
Its monuments preserved part of the wall and the gates of Cervera, the St. Mary Marti and Santa Coloma, is of particular relevance to the Castell dels Comtes Queralt X century, the parish church of St. Mary Gothic XIV century construction began in 1331 and could not be completed until 1587.
On the outskirts of town is the church of Santa Maria de Bell-lloc artistic historical monument in 1944.
Santa Coloma de Queralt with Montblanc is one of the most important centers of the region, its history, monuments, festivals, customs and gastronomy are a set worth visiting.