Savallà del Comtat

Is one of the municipalities that make up the routes dels castles, medieval, Cistercian. Located in the northern part of the county, contact the highlands of Segarra, on the slopes of a hill crowned by its top the remains of the castle.
During the s. XIII until Century XIV the castle became one of the most important stately homes in the region.
During the Carlist Wars, the villagers were forced to carry bundles of firewood to burn the castle. The building, burned and demolished, was finally abandoned by the counts at the end of s. XIX.
It is necessary to emphasize the great spiritual and economic influence which for centuries had
on the people of the “Brotherhood of Roser”.

És necessari destacar la gran influència espiritual i econòmica que durant segles va tenir sobre el poble la “Confraria del Roser”.