Wine Tourism at El Clos


Wine Tourism at El Clos

One reason for the trip of our customers is the typical cuisine, which is linked to the tasting and consumption of wine and cava (champagne).

Aware of this, we recommend a visit to the best producers in the region.
This section is a possibility but to publicize the district and its excellent and renowned wines. We will expand this section with new contributions.

Suggestions are welcome, for new additions: elclos@elclos.com

Splendid recognition of the excellent quality to one of the best producers in the Conca de Barbera:

Gastronomic tourism is one of the activities that are gaining more strength in recent years. Although in Catalunya, and in Conca de Barberà, in particular, it has been a long time to enjoy an experience full of nuances. In fact, it is one of the region’s main attractions, offering travelers the opportunity to sample the produce of the land. Products that taste traditional, such as wines and cavas, cheeses and typical elaborations that delight the palate of everything that tastes them.

Routes through the DO Conca de Barberà
The Conca de Barberà wine tradition has its own identity. What has made him gain the prestige of having a Designation of Origin and wines with personality. The wine tourism routes cover some of the most traditional, but at the same time, modern farms in the area. Families dedicated to wine for generations, combining old-fashioned and avant-garde techniques. The winery Jordi Llorens, in the municipality of Blancafort, invites tourists to stroll among the vineyards, taste some of the products and buy directly all year. In Barberà de la Conca we can visit the facilities of Carlania, which is committed to biodynamic agriculture, based on respect for the land and the life it generates. The wine tourism route involves visiting the vineyards, watching the animals that live there, tasting some of the wines that are produced with native grapes or staying all day visiting the area, first the winery and then the village of Barbera. The history of the Rendé Masdéu Winery goes back to at least the 17th century, as can be seen from different historical documents. Some of their organic wines have been awarded different prizes. Recognition of a life of effort to highlight the identity of the area. Talking about Catalan wines and not highlighting the cavas is impossible. La Conca also has a long tradition of making these sparkling wines, a hallmark of Catalonia. Wineries such as Castell de la Comanda, Carles Andreu and Mas Foraster are well worth the visit. Seeing the process of making and bottling, as well as the pairings, is a unique experience.
Cheese, an exceptional complement
If grapes and cheese are wonderful, tasting artisan cheeses and wines is a spectacle. The terrain of the Conca de Barberà terrain is perfect for raising herds of goats, with milk all kinds of cheeses are made, such as those of Sant Gil d’Albió, which uses modern techniques to obtain the best traditional flavor. These farms are an example of how gastronomic tourism is energizing the area, giving travelers a unique year-round experience. In an unmatched environment that invites you to rest and lose.
Restaurants and typical dishes
To speak of Conca de Barberà is to talk about a gastronomy with its own identity, as well as the products from which it is nourished. It is best to enjoy the recipes made with seasonal products. Some of the events have become a must-see for those who want to know the region, such as the calçotades in one of the restaurants in Montblanc and surroundings during the first months of the year or sit at a table in Santa Coloma de Queralt. Some of these dining establishments are among the highest rated by diners. An experience for the eyes and the palate, because they offer the opportunity to enjoy the best of traditional Catalan cuisine in an environment full of history. Reasons why the weather seems to have stopped and you should enjoy it without haste. Check out our selection of Catalan gastronomic restaurants.
La Conca, an exceptional environment full of flavor
In addition to the wine tourism routes and the pairings, in Conca de Barberà a whole universe of flavors and products is masterfully concentrated. We could highlight the autumn in Vilanova de Prades to know the chestnut, a food that surprises by its apparent simplicity and its versatility in the kitchen. In July we can approach Santa Coloma de Queralt to see how the Romesco is made, a fish-based dish that has its own festival every year, on the third Saturday. And we cannot fail to mention sausages, garlic, saffron and countless gastronomic jewels that are appreciated all over the world for their quality.
A self-identity driven by wine
There is no doubt that wine tourism is one of the gastronomic activities par excellence in Catalonia. Not in vain is the region with the largest number of Designations of Origin, in which the Basin occupies a privileged place. If you want to squeeze the maximum of the possibilities of the gastronomic tourism, there is no doubt that here you can do it to the full.

Wines, caves and restaurants of the Conca de Barberà

One of most of our clients’ reason for the trip is gastronomy, which is linked to the tasting or purchase of wine and cava. In our establishment, we usually recommend visiting the best wine producers. This section is a possibility to publicize the region and its excellent and renowned wines and cavas. In addition, you can enjoy advantages in cellars and restaurants only to be customers of El Clos. We will expand this section with new contributions. Suggestions or new additions are accepted.

Restaurant Conesa

Restaurant in the town of Conesa. The best option for El Clos clients, as they have the Plaça Major in 2 minutes walk. Good homemade cooking and very good price. Gentility for EL CLOS customers: Free appetizer for the customers of El Clos. Town: Conesa Telephone: 977 89 80 09


Restaurant Lo Mirador

It is a typical restaurant, which, besides serving very good food (tapas are typical, there are infinity), it is located in an unbeatable place, it is very romantic and cozy, with walls of stone in a typical house of the villages of the Baixa Segarra region, the terrace has a view that impacts, you see the entire Conca, Montserrat, Prades mountains and the sea, in addition you will in Forès the peace and energy that today is so much needed. Open from Friday to Sunday. Gentility for EL CLOS customers: Welcome to the customers of El Clos with a free glass of vermouth. Town: Forès Telephone: 656 78 50 73


Restaurant Labarbacana

Restaurant located at the entrance of Santa Coloma de Queralt coming from Conesa. One of the best restaurants in the region for its excellent and elaborate cuisine, magnificent service and very reasonable prices. It has a daily and weekend menu highly recommended : Santa Coloma de Queralt Phone: 977 88 06 40


Celler Mas Foraster

Mas Foraster és un d’aquells cellers que no deixa a ningú indiferent, on trobareu un caliu i unes sensacions difícils d’experimentar en altres llocs. El fet de cultivar les seves pròpies vinyes dona com a resultat una producció limitada, però amb una qualitat esplèndida. A Mas Foraster trobareu un celler familiar on tots els vins son ecològics i treballen les varietats de Cabernet Sauvignon, Ull de llebre, Trepat, Sirah o Garnacha negra i peluda entre altres. Podeu visitar el celler cada dia de l’any a les 11h, però si és Dissabte, Diumenge o Festiu podeu triar la visita de les 11h o de les 13h. Sempre heu de concertar reserva abans. Gentilesa pels clients de EL CLOS: Visita i tast de 2 vins per 0€. Visita i tast de 4 vins per 4€. (Reservar desde El Clos) Web: www.josepforaster.com Telèfon: 977860229


El Clos Montblanc

Al Clos Montblanc trobareu un celler majestuós comparats amb altres de la zona. Un celler modern on compta amb un espai i equipament d’última generació. A la zona de criança hi ha més de 1300 botes. Els vins del Clos Montblanc reuneixen l’esperit de varietats autòctones com l’Ulls de Llebre, Cabernet Sauvignon o Sirah en una simbiosi de caràcter i personalitat afegides. Com a valor afegit, segur que hi trobareu a la galeria alguna exposició de pintura, escultura… hi es que al Clos Montblanc creuen en la enologia com una de les grans cultures de la zona. Web: closmontblanc.com Telèfon: 977887032


Cooperativa Barberà de la Conca

Una de les cooperatives més antigues de Catalunya us ofereix una visita inoblidable. La visita no es delimita a la Cooperativa i al tast de vins, sinó que ofereix un recorregut per la part històrica del poble, en la que l’Anton o l’Antonio us explicaran mil i una anècdotes i curiositats de la zona, en especial del poble de Barbera de la Conca i la seva geografia única. El preu de la visita son 6€ i teniu l’èxit assegurat. I què dir dels vins de la Cooperativa?, doncs que son senzillament espectaculars, ho provareu a la cata. Municipi: Barberà de la Conca Web: www.coop-barbera.com Telèfon: 977887035


Altres llocs d’interès

Formatgeria Sant Gil d´Albió

Formatgeria Sant Gil d´Albió

Persones responsable/s: Nativitat Ninot Bonell, Josep Martí Ninot Adreça: C/ Castell, s/n (Albió) Municipi: Llorac Telèfon: +34 977 881 421 / +34 620 808 355 Web: formatgessantgil.cat Horaris: De dilluns a divendres, de 9.00 h a 18.00 h. Dissabtes i diumenges, cal cita prèvia.

Enoturisme (8)

Céller Jordi Llorens

C/ Prim 5-7 (43411) Municipi: Blancafort Responsable/s: Jordi Llorens Poca Direcció: C/ Prim, 5-7 Telèfon: +34 629 204 672 Horaris: Todo el día (trucar previament). www.gastroteca.cat

Enoturisme D.O. Conca de Barberà

Carlania Celler D.O. Conca de Barberà

Web: www.carlania.com

Enoturisme Castell de la comanda

Castell de la comanda

Web: www.coop-barbera.com

Enoturisme Caves Andreu

Caves Andreu

El Clos recomana als seus clients la visita a les Caves Carles Andreu de Pira. Web: www.cavandreu.com


Celler Rendé Masdéu

Av. Catalunya 44 Municipi: L’Espluga de Francolí Telèfon: 977 871 361 / 609 245 772 Web: www.rendemasdeu.cat


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